When You Travel You Have To Protect Documents Not Only From Water, Also From Fire! Check Here How!

Are you a frequent traveler or a businessman? If yes, keep your passport, travel documents, and money safe 24/7 by storing them in this fireproof and waterproof bag. This document bag secures all your belongings from mishaps and disasters while organizing them subtly. The bag is stylish, roomy, durable, multi-functional, and portable. Read on find out what’s more special about this incredible document bag:

Water And Fireproof Document Bag For Passport Money Documents

Protecting important documents and money can be a matter of concern on-the-go. For this purpose, you need an appropriate bag that can keep the essentials safe and secure from accidents. This fireproof and waterproof document bag is what you need to travel worry-free. It is also a portable alternative to big suitcases and un-friendly handbags. 

Made of fireproof safe fiberglass cloth with multiple layer protection, this document organizer can withstand 700°C or 1292°F. Besides heat protection, the bag protects your precious essentials from moisture enabling them to survive accidental spills and rain. This document bag has a sturdy zipper on the top and seamless stitching to keep everything safe. Get this document bag and store your important documents worry-free!

This waterproof and fireproof bag has plenty of space to carry your documents, cash, passport, credit cards, and other valuables. The bag is hassle-free to carry and travel with. You can also use it to keep your mini-laptops and tablets in a safe condition while traveling! Something that’s a safe and convenient alternative to bulky tablet cases!


Pros Of Water And Fireproof Document Bag 

  • Made from high-quality fiberglass material.
  • Fireproof and waterproof to save documents from mishaps.
  • Stylish design for everyday use – for home, office, business trips, vacation, etc.
  • Easily organizes money, passport, documents, licenses, USBs disks, and more.
  • Zipper closure protection adds to storage security.
  • Easy to carry.
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Cons Of Water And Fireproof Document Bag 

  • This document bag doesn’t protect from temperatures above 700°C. 


Secure your important documents and money on-the-go with this fireproof and waterproof bag. Constructed from high-end and robust fiberglass material, this document bag keeps valuable items safe from accidents. The bag is spacious enough to hold all your passports, USBs, licenses, money, phone, credit cards, jewelry, and more. This bag doesn’t itch or smell. Although it can withstand 700°C, it is a good option to invest in. However, we recommend using a fireproof document bag pouch with this bag for added safety. As the document bag is waterproof, it is a great choice for outdoors or traveling purposes. That means you don’t have to worry about rain or accident spills of your favorite juice or coffee! No matter whether you use the document bag for a business trip, at home, or while on a vacation, it will keep your belongings 100% safe. You can also use the bag to keep your phones, tablets, and mini laptops!

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