The Actual Definition Of Economic Planning -

The Actual Definition Of Economic Planning

Economic Planning Definition

An online marketing magazine is one which is published through internet and various other forms of public computer network. As the name itself suggests, marketing of various products and services can be done more economically with this medium. Apart from the cost factor, you can market your commodity across the globe wherever there is internet facility. As a result, the top companies in today’s world have chosen this medium as a strong alternative marketing methodology. Also known as webzines, such online marketing magazines or newsletters are circulated through electronic medium, for example e-mails. Truly a marketing revolution, some even call them electronic magazines or e-magazines.

“Datamation” is one the first magazines which converted to online editions from their print versions. Somewhat similar to a blog or an online newspaper, it can still be differentiated by its editorial addressing nature. Also, many well know print-publishers today offer a digital reproduction of their printed magazines for a fee. These online services providers refer to this form of collections as digital magazines. Online marketing providing matters of interest to the experts in trade or industry, are referred to as online journals.

Business Model

Many online magazines offer free access to all their contents, while some may charge you for a subscription fee. They charge this fee is to access the best of their articles and multi-media subjects. The revenue is mainly generated from advertising to website visitors, online display and association to retails websites. In addition to that, classified advertisement and advertiser directory link also help in revenue collection. Due to the low cost and initial off-stream targets these magazines may look like an unruly technology to the conventional publication houses.

Reasons Behind The Emergence Of The Online Marketing Magazine

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Evidently, the high cost of print publication and larges web readership compel many publications to accept the online circulation. In the late 1990s, “e-zine” preferred to adapt internet over copying printed magazines on the web. Millions of potential readerships could not avoid the eyes of the traditional publishers, the business magnets and the traders. Founded by David Talbot in July 1995, received enormous media exposure. Presently it has an average unique monthly visitor of 5.8 million.

Online marketing is preferred worldwide mainly because one can easily find the products and services. Not only that, it can also alter the way your business is recognized by your potential customer. As a result, an online marketing magazine could always be your best choice. By creating an interactive communication and building more personalised relationships, these magazines certainly enhances the number of potential customers. Also, the chance of being a repeating customer is quite high.

Top Online Marketing Magazines

The Drum, Campaign, Digiday, Marketing Week, Target Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Visibility, Figaro Digital are some of the bests. Also, one should check magazines like AdAsia, Direct Marketing, The Network Marketing, PAGES SEO, Brand Tales. In India, magazines like Outlook India, India Today, Business Today have their own digital versions reaching huge online visits. Looking at the tremendous growth, one can easily say the future of marketing will be dominated by online magazines.

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