The 12 Remarkable Meaning Behind The Iconic Logos -

The 12 Remarkable Meaning Behind The Iconic Logos

The 12 Remarkable Meaning Behind The Iconic Logos

The brand logos are an integral aspect of the advertisement and public relations activities of a company. Also, a well designed and easy to remember brand logo has a great impact on the profitability and sales of a company worldwide. Some logos are incredibly straightforward — a letter type or a reflection of pictures — and others are more abstract. 

But what we don’t realize is that most of them have a deeply rooted meaning hidden inside or behind the famous symbol, and we’ll uncover them in this article.

Logos: Starbucks

Starbucks logo was to reflect the alluring imagery of the sea since Starbucks was named after a nautical character. An early artistic partner searched through old maritime files until he discovered a siren Nordic woodcut picture.

Logos: Adidas

The 12 Remarkable Meaning Behind The Iconic Logos
The 12 Remarkable Meaning Behind The Iconic Logos

The stripes on the trefoil logo represent the company’s focus on variety. In contrast, the three trefoil leaves represent three parts of the globe (North America, Europe, and Asia) where you can buy their products. To make them more durable, Adidas added stripes to their shoes.

Logos: Cisco

Cisco was initially from the name of the town of San Francisco, and the developers of the company decided on using “cisco” in the lower case. However, the initial logo depicts the shape of San Francisco’s famous landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Logos: Hyundai

Many people seem to believe South Korean corporation Hyundai ‘s logo is the first letter of its name. But in fact, two people (a client and a company representative) shaking hands are symbolized by the letter ‘H.’


The 12 Remarkable Meaning Behind The Iconic Logos
The 12 Remarkable Meaning Behind The Iconic Logos

Amazon’s logo seems nothing special at first glance. But it had been planned with the company’s concept in mind. The orange arrow resembles a smile, as the company needs to satisfy its clients. The arrow is also spread between the letters ‘A’ and ‘Z’ in a hint that the company is marketing virtually every possible drug (from A to Z.)

Logos: Toyota

Many people compared the Japanese car-manufacturer Toyota logo to the image of a cowboy wearing a stereotypical hat. Yet it merely depicts a stylized image of a needle ‘s head, with a thread going through it. This is a reference to the company’s history-of a period when making weaving machines. The different parts of the logo often type out the business name letters at the same time.

Logos: BMW

Bavarian Motoren Werke/ Bavarian Engine Works – dates around 1917. Also, this is frequently with the central portion of the BMW emblem symbolizes the spinning blades of a plane, keeping with the company’s early tradition in aviation technology. In reality, it is part of the Bavarian flag — the region of Germany where the brand comes from.

Logos: Baskin Robbins 

The 12 Remarkable Meaning Behind The Iconic Logos
The 12 Remarkable Meaning Behind The Iconic Logos

For Baskin Robbins, the number “31” has long been sacred. Although older logos displayed it, the new version was concealed in a manner that other people do not even notice. This was only natural that the ice cream chain decided to make it the centerpiece of its brand identity and place the figure on its emblem since 31 flavors were a unique offer at the time.


LG’s company logo, with the letters “L” and “G” in a circle, represents the smiling human face. In the logo, “L” represents the Nose, “G” represents the face, and Dot represents the Eye in the middle of the circle.

The LG logo stands for the smiling human face. This logo was designed to reflect its brand ‘s warm and youthful ambiance.


The modification of the design may be attributed to the company’s desire to change its identity and establish itself as a business-minded company, rather than just a teenage mood board. Companies likely want to use Pinterest as a social media site in the same manner they use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


The mountain emblem cresting waterfall and snow symbolizes competence and genuineness. A popular Japanese woodcut showing a storm of typhoons and Mt Fuji influenced the logo.


The logo reflects the fundamental principles of Unilever, and each symbol represents a part of the company. The logo’s big blue ‘U’ stands for Unilever. But look a little closer, and you will see it has a lot more to it.

The logo has been designed to include 25 symbols, each of which is something that Unilever considers essential. From a hair lock symbolizing the shampoo labels to a knife, an ice cream, a bottle, a tea leaf, a hand, and many more, all these little symbols have meaning.

Logos: Conclusion

So you go to the end of the logos list. Did you know most of these meanings? Were you surprised by some of these? Which other brands do you wish to see on our list? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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