Home Economics – The Life Skills To Bond Us With Humanity -

Home Economics – The Life Skills To Bond Us With Humanity

Home economics or Domestic Science or Home Science is a field of study that deals with the relationship – be it between friends or family members or the environment in which we live.  Today it is very important to have a clear conception about life skills. For example, finances, cooking, sewing and so on.

Home Economics And Its Origin

In the 19th century, the motto of home economics was not only to teach women to cook or sew but also to provide the youngsters’ access to a greater world to learn the skills. Later on, that is in the early 20th century it became an organized area of study. This was developed by Catherine Beecher and Ellen Swallow Richards. They founded the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences for greater benefits for one and all. They were the first to set out the popular “Seven Areas of Home Economics”. This introduced an effective way of teaching the girls how to take proper care of their home and family and new career opportunities through these studies.

Think Before You Cook

Firstly, we will start with cooking as food preparation was one of the top priorities in a family or a home. Early home economics program taught women to cook a perfect and balanced meal keeping in mind food safety, its quality, and full proof preservation methods. This type of traditional method still is in practice – applicable to both men and women in culinary schools and also applicable while pursuing nutrition degrees.

Home Economics – The Life Skills To Bond Us With Humanity
Home Economics – The Life Skills To Bond Us With Humanity

Rear Your Child Mindfully

Secondly, the most important thing that comes to our mind is Child Development. Learning the different stages of child development and responding at each stage carefully and correctly is equally important.  The overall development and the future of a child depend on what he/she observes at home and therefore learns consequently. 

Educate The Women

Thirdly, Basic Education and Community awareness among women is much needed as they are the pillars of not only a family but also the whole social structure. Not only moral and ethical values but also basic reading, writing, and understanding Mathematical skills are very important. Until and unless they are educated or upgrade themselves, they won’t be able to continue to teach others especially children where their dominance is still accepted liberally.

Still, Something Is There…And What’s That?

These were the basic stages. The elements of designing and decorating the homes which none can do better than women. It is universally accepted now that “we build a house but a woman makes it a home worth living”. This field of study includes cleaning, organizing things in the right place and right order as homemakers should learn this by heart. But as things have changed now individuals use these e skills in designing and decorating organizations and real estate professionals.

Home Economics – The Life Skills To Bond Us With Humanity
Home Economics – The Life Skills To Bond Us With Humanity

Don’t Cross Your Budget

Budgeting comes hand in hand as in most cases the women have to do all the household work as well as outside work such as shopping for regular needs. They should spend wisely according to the available fund. Accordingly, they have to fix the budget, balance the expenditure and invest for further income. 

Finally, the students of Home Economics are taught to take care of the wellbeing of the whole family. They get training to take care of sick people, to feed them with healthy food and also to treat common illnesses in an emergency.

Courses Offered And Opportunities Involved

You will get different types of courses internationally which enables women to pursue better education as well as vocational training. Bachelor’s degrees in Home Economics are providing opportunities to the students to achieve personal as well as professional success in different fields. They are teaching this as a subject in high schools. Online courses are also available for a greater purpose with accessible elements.

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