Home Economics Curriculum - Few Things All Should Know

Home Economics Curriculum

Home Economics Curriculum

Wondering what ‘Home Economics Curriculum’ is? For that, first, you have to know what Home Economics is. Home Economics can be defined in simple words as ‘the art and science of home management’. With the motto of educating women in their household work, both practically and scientifically, Home Economics made its introduction in the early 19th century.

Home Economics Curriculum consists of all the household activities that the students learn with a scientific approach. Earlier the curriculum includes learning of cooking, sewing, gardening, and childcare. Later with time, the entire syllabus and the curriculum have changed. Many new activities have secured their place in learning to manage household efficiently. A few of them are – budgeting to run the household, maintaining relations, interior decoration, and others. As a result of this, in 1994 Home Economics was renamed as ‘Family and consumer science’. There are a few areas

Few Important Areas Of Home Economics Curriculum

There are a few important areas included in the Home Economics Curriculum. All of these parts play a key role in managing the household and maintaining a good relationship.

Home Economics Curriculum
Home Economics Curriculum


The preparation of food is the most ancient practice in a household. Hence, the first step to the curriculum leads you straight to the kitchen. The students learn to prepare a balanced meal and gain awareness about proper nutrition required in a diet. They also learn to maintain hygiene while preparing food. Not only that, the lessons include table manners as well. Along with these, the students gain the confidence to set a table properly and host a meal for the guest(s).


Another ancient area of expertise included in the curriculum is stitching. Earlier days, women had to stitch the clothes in order to make new ones or mend the older ones. Other than that several designs and techniques of stitching made their introduction through these studies. The expertise of sewing is beneficial, even today, because of its demand in the field of fashion design and decorations.

Child Care

One of the most important and significant areas of the Home Economics curriculum, Childcare has its own importance. Students learn about the different stages of child development and nutrition they require. Other than this, it helps your child to achieve maximum physical, emotional and social development.

Home Economics Curriculum
Home Economics Curriculum


Last but not least, another important field of controlling the household is maintaining the budget of the house. Nowadays this area has its own importance for everyone to help reduce their extra expenses.

Other than these other areas of Home Economics includes Home Management, Community Awareness, and Hygiene.

Why Should You Go For A Home Economic Curriculum?

Though home economics started to be studied as a subject long back and the popularity is decreasing day by day, however, it’s equally contextual in today’s world. Rather, it is even more needed to study in the present scenario.

Already discussed above the home economy is all about fundamentals of family life starting from cooking, sewing, raising child, checking bank balance and so on. It teaches you the art behind maintaining a harmonious life within the four walls of a family. You gradually come to know the way to maintain a healthy family life.

Now, most of us are parts of the nuclear family. We are happy to survive with only our core interests. We are moving out of our family for the sake of better opportunities in the field of study or work. The connection between the family members is lessening day by day. It’s becoming more digital than physical. Life is getting reckless. We are moving very fast keeping pace with time.

The home economics curriculum consists of the ways to deal with this present situation. With quite a good job prospect, it provides you with enough scope for self-development. In simpler terms, Home economics is more of applied science.

Hence, do not just consider it to be a backdated stream and ignore it. You can give it a try as it helps you in a bigger perspective during the journey of your life.

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