Home Economics Curriculum – Introduction

Home Economics Curriculum - Introduction

The Institute of Home Economics had started in the year 1961 by a registered organization conducting a two-year diploma course in Home Economics. It was followed by a one year teacher’s training course later on. A fixed home economics curriculum was needed, which can put a light in the development of skills for home and related careers and industries in the 21st century. A special curriculum which will allow the pursuers to communicate and understand the needs of a global society in which a populated crowd live and eventually which will be their immediate place of work.

A two-year associate and a four-year bachelor’s degree in family, as well as consumer education, is introduced in home economics courses whose basic intentions were to educate them in areas such as managing household finance, child development, and food and nutrition.

Different Home Economics Curriculum Introduced At Different Levels

Now, let us begin with the ways to start learning the subject and its wide varieties.  Some basic steps for the beginners are to watch videos available in internets, choose a light textbook to understand the subject even better, go for reference studies or start an online course. Elementary schools consist of certain topics like family life and their structure, basic meals, and cooking. It also includes comfortable housing and clothing. Moreover, they gain expertise in consumer skills and managing the environment.  

In Junior high schools, the students learn about family and child development. It teaches them how to live independently and be conscious of a healthy lifestyle. They develop consumer skills as well as environment and problem- solving skills from the elective or optional subjects.

Home Economics Curriculum -  Introduction
Home Economics Curriculum – Introduction

Home Economics Curriculum In Higher Education

In senior high schools, students learn the importance of human life, family and their well being, maintaining healthy relations with children and senior citizens. They also gain knowledge on Life science, studying environment and planning life wisely. Finally, several projects are given for the execution of the topics taught.  Students can choose the subjects in which they are more interested in, from a vast range of subjects. The topics vary from different types of handicrafts, information related to travel and tourism, attraction and theme parks wellness massage to hairdressing, tailoring and many more.

Detailed Discussion On Different Courses And Curriculums

Home Economics degree programs provide students with the knowledge to manage different families as well as individual resources. It also helps to understand the differences between personal finances and family economical positions as well. It is actually a study of managing home, career, family, everything by one hand. One needs to be well aware of the curriculum, career options and opportunities for the overall success.

Diet And Meal Planning

This very course covers not only the planning but also an organized execution by preparing healthy and well-balanced meals for a family. The students learn about several factors like the size of a family, nutritional needs of different members, economic abilities and family schedules. Another thing the students gain knowledge of is Ethnic backgrounds and traditions. Moreover, recipe writing and criticizing may be encouraged. On top of that, the students learn to prepare food under the guidance of trained instructors.

Financial Management In Home Economics Curriculum

This course involves basic budgeting, buying a home, insurance-related and investment matters and other financial topics. Students learn to make financial plans for a house, retirement plans, children’s money-saving plans, etc. These classes consist less of practical and more discussions and lectures.

Home Economics Curriculum -  Introduction
Home Economics Curriculum – Introduction

Interior Design And Aesthetics

The students gain knowledge of home decorations and designing aspects from this course. They also learn to analyze ways of furnishing and the necessity of equipment. Using drawing or collage may also help in decorating walls beautifully according to the taste and culture of a family.

Some Popular Programs Taught In Home Economics Curriculum

  • Bachelor of Home Science
  • Program In Risk Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management Family Managed Business
  • Master of Arts in Fashion Marketing
  • Diploma in Consumer Behaviour
  • Certificate course in Consumer Protection
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Home Science
  • Master of Philosophy in Home Science
  • Master of Science in Family Resource Management
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