Economic Freedom: 5 Principles Of It You Need To Know

Economic Freedom: 5 Principles Of It You Need To Know

So, what is economic freedom?

Before we dive into the five principles of it, we need to understand what this thing actually is. Generally, economic freedom is the ability to freely conduct any kind of legal economic activity like providing a service or selling a product. And you should do all of this without resisting others from doing the same thing.

This survives because of these five most important pillars or principles. And these are also x-factor that decides which country prospers and which one goes down into poverty.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the principles of economic freedom and how it is helping our country to stay economically strong.

So, let’s dig in.

Property Rights

Property rights are one of the most important concepts of economic freedom. This means that everyone should be able to improve or invest in any kind of private property independently without facing corruption. So, at it’s very basic, it’s an authoritative law that defines that you should have the freedom to invest in any property. Of course, as long as you conduct under the laws of your particular state without any corruption.

The Rule Of Law

Economic Freedom: 5 Principles Of It You Need To Know
Economic Freedom: 5 Principles Of It You Need To Know

The rule of law is basically the enforcement of a particular set of laws to keep the corruption away. This enforces three democratic pillars that help us understand our options.

These pillars are:

  • Equal protection.
  • Supremacy of law
  • Equal enforcement of the law on anyone who violates it.

This gives us a sense of what we can legally do and what we can’t. And that’s why it’s important for our economic freedom.

The Opportunity Of Free Trade: The Most Important Right To Achieve Economic Freedom

The opportunity for free trade is one of the most important principles of economic freedom. This allows countries and people to take their business, idea, service, or product to the global market and compete freely.

This is the very essence for which new businesses form every day employing millions of eligible people by creating more jobs. And that’s what helps a country and its people flourish and sustain itself economically. No business would be able to sustain itself without this principle.

A Government Bounded By Law Of The Constitution

Economic Freedom: 5 Principles Of It You Need To Know
Economic Freedom: 5 Principles Of It You Need To Know

A government should be bounded by law and it must not have an infinite amount of power. A government that has a lot of unrestricted power can get in the way of progress to fulfill its own agenda. And That’s why the constitution exists. And everyone, including the government, has to obey it. Because this is the only way people of a country can throw off a bad government. That’s the only way we can achieve true economic freedom.

Good Money Supply: An Important Commodity To Achieve Economic Freedom

If you want to achieve economic freedom, there is no way you can think of it just by thinking about you. You have to think about your whole country and its currency. Because as long as the value of our currency stays strong, we can continue to get investment, which, in turn, will create more jobs.

Only by prospering as a country, we can achieve our individual dreams and ambitions.

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